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ELLAvate your Look: Makeup Tips!

We are excited to introduce you to our friend, Owen Michael O’Donnell.








Owen is the talented makeup artist who often gets Ella and our models camera ready for the runway and our morning TV segments, including the recent one we did on Fox45 on dressing the part for job interviews.  Head here to see the segment and to learn more about what to wear for a job interview. These are the stunning looks that we recently showcased on Fox45.





Behind the scenes at Fox45

Behind the scenes at Fox45




We asked Owen to share some of his top makeup tips for getting ready for a job interview.









Owen:  Keep it simple, light and neutral. I get clients asking me all the time what is the one thing you can push a little or get away with for a job interview. Being a Catholic school uniform veteran, I have to stop and say, “I can give you a suggestion, but if you have to use the words get away with perhaps you’ve already gone too far.”



  • Even Matte Skin: Don’t let ’em see ya sweat. A smooth matte appearance looks polished and in control while hiding the sweaty brow over the tough questions. Your features expressing your thoughtful answers will also pop more in their memory against a clean matte canvas. Not sure? Add more powder or a powder foundation.
  • You are the Statement: When going for statement pieces or statement lips,  pause and remember YOU are the statement. Anything that distracts from that is making you less the statement. Bobbi Brown’s first lipstick that skyrocketed her to success, literally called “Brown,” did that for a reason. Try that and maybe a little well blended beige liner for a look that will get your point across. P.S. It’s not actually just brown.
  • Create Definition:  Now that we’re balanced and in a winning lip color, keep in mind all you need is definition in the rest of your features, so they show up. There are many scientific studies done on what the brain remembers from a person’s conversation based on the balance or imbalance of their features. It’s not the day to do a great job on your lips and leave out other features.  No brows? Go as light as possible and fill  them in. Great lashes? Ease off the shadow and let that work for you. Offer the most put together version of yourself. It is key to the right first impression Keep a travel size translucent powder with your mints (no gum) and don’t forget to touch up before the interview.



Thanks Owen for your valuable tips. You’ll find more of Owen’s beauty suggestions here.
Wondering about hair? We read your mind. We’ll feature tips from About Faces, in a future post. Stay tuned…