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2020 Fashion Edit – What should you toss from your wardrobe?

2020 Fashion Edit – What should you toss from your wardrobe?

Happy New Year! I am preparing to embark on a road trip to help a dear friend edit and refresh her wardrobe for 2020.  I recently received her e-mail, asking for assistance with her wardrobe which she describes as somewhat out of date and definitely out of control.  In her quest to eliminate the clothing clutter in 2020, she is committed to purging.  

With my friend’s permission, I am sharing her description of the daunting task that lies ahead. “Four, yes, count them four, of my closets are jammed packed with poor choices, poor quality and poor judgement.  I am two years removed and two sizes away from my last paycheck yet I am still hanging onto business apparel that lacks personality and the colors contained within are literally the embodiment of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  From light grey to dark grey to black, I have always been drawn to clearance racks of “safe” styles and colorless garments, none of which serve a purpose in this new stage of my life.  I have not worn a pair of pants with a zipper or a blouse with buttons in months, opting instead for leggings and slouchy sweaters that camouflage a few extra pounds and far too many days of inactivity.”


I have promised to help her eliminate those garments that don’t fit, don’t work with her current lifestyle and don’t bring her joy.  The trends of the past are simply that, trends, and the focus of her future needs to be what fits her body, what fits her personality and what fits her vision for future opportunities.  Stay tuned for updates to this post as I journey to a neighboring state to assess the state of her wardrobe.  

In the meantime, if you also have the urge to purge, please consider donating your gently worn apparel to Suited to Succeed.  Learn more at http://suitedtosucceed.org/