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A First Couture Experience… from guest blogger Rebecca Klein Scott

A First Couture Experience… from guest blogger Rebecca Klein Scott

There is nothing like a red power suit. We used this iridescent, silk fabric to design a look for Rebecca Klein Scott that communicates confidence.







Final fitting




Rebecca and her husband, Keith Scott, are the Co-CEOs of TALLsmall Productions. They teach clients how to communicate in a way that is clear, concise and commands attention.








While the company is named for their heights (Rebecca is 5’2” and Keith is 6’9”), Rebecca wanted to lengthen her silhouette.  Many women assume a shorter skirt does the trick. It’s just the opposite. The elongated pencil skirt gives Rebecca the illusion of more height.







We asked Rebecca to be our guest blogger and share her experience, wearing her first custom suit.


Meet Rebecca: I’ve only worn a custom design one other time in my life. It was in 7th grade. Measurements, a fitting and endless sewing sessions went into the creation. Only, there was nothing glam about it.  I was sewing a pair of hideous, powder blue leggings for my home economics class.  If memory serves, the leggings never saw the sunlight and likely lost their seat at the closet bar to the trash early in their lifetime. The fact that I haven’t attempted to sew since — other than a sad looking sock monkey — leaves me even more in awe of Ella’s artistry




Ella has an eye for impeccable fabrics and shades.  Slipping into this suit gives me a stronger jolt than any cup of java. The silk skims the body without clinging. At first, I thought it would feel stiff to wear silk, as I’ve never tried it before. I was amazed by how easy it is to move around in silk. That’s a priority, since Keith and I are on our feet presenting for 90 minutes at a time.

I’m used to buying suits off the rack and living with a fit that’s not quite perfect. Ella took 20+ measurements before making this custom look. I have a whole new appreciation for custom couture.




I love this suit’s timeless, feminine design, with its gathered collar and belted waist. Here, I paired it with a cami and simple black pumps. I’m flirting with searching out a leopard print pump to finish the look.




And, I definitely plan to pair the jacket with skinny jeans and booties for an off the stage look.  Thank you Ella for creating such a beautiful suit.