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Bringing a Common Thread to Light: Spotlight on Cherie Snyder

Bringing a Common Thread to Light: Spotlight on Cherie Snyder

We’re back with the second installment in our series exploring how custom clothing shapes the reflection of how we see ourselves, both inside and out.


“When you feel good about what you are wearing, you are a whole different person, especially when you socialize. It’s a pretty common thread throughout women’s lives – when you feel like you are dressed well,  you have so much more confidence,” finds Cherie Snyder, of Owings Mills, seen below in a French boucle skirt suit with silk piping cord detail and vintage mother of pearl buttons, designed by Ella in 2005.

French boucle skirt suit


It’s one of nearly a dozen ensembles that Cherie has invested in from Ella since the two met about as many years ago. When they first met, Ella’s husband worked for Cherie and her husband’s family business, Snyder Home Services, known as BathFitter and KitchenSaver.


As Cherie explains it, when you feel great about what you are wearing, you can focus on the business event or occasion at hand and not lose focus in over analyzing an outfit.  That kind of confidence, she shares, can ease you into a new situation.  Here’s a look at just a few of Cherie’s favorite fashions that Ella has created for her over the years.


Italian double wool crape pant suit with crocodile buttons and Italian silk blouse.  Jacket has a peplum and cuff detail.


French silk chiffon dress with butterfly design.

French silk chiffon dress with butterfly design.



Silk jacquard blouse, wool crepe slacks and a wool coat with vintage buttons.

Before meeting Ella, Cherie often had a difficult time finding clothes in stores that fit without needing alterations. She is retired now and finds that the pieces Ella made her over the years are timeless and still have their edge.   Ella left enough fabric to have the flexibility to handle letting in and taking out pieces over the years. Cherie has also turned to Ella for two Mother-of-the-Bride dresses and a wedding gown for her daughter.  “I can walk into a room and people will glance at me. It is fabulous. I am really lucky to be able to wear her clothes,” says Cherie.

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Written by: Rebecca Klein