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Building consumer trust, developing brand loyalty.

Building consumer trust, developing brand loyalty.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic my company was hired to create a mask to mitigate the virus and the shortage of the masks available to the healthcare workers and frontline professionals. We immediately went to task creating a mask that would be suitable for healthcare workers. Many iterations later after making thousands of masks and donating them to hospitals, we came up with a model that provided maximum protection and was easy to wear.

According to the latest CDC guidelines, an effective cloth mask should cover the face from the bridge of the nose to the lower part of the jaw, covering the entire chin. It should also contain a pocket for a filter, ties to secure the mask comfortably, and should be adjustable for a best fit around the face. It should also be loose enough to allow for ease of speaking with a mask on.

Since fulfillment of the healthcare industry project, we saw a greater need for a social mask, particularly for the business, corporate, and institutional use. This was especially relevant in situations where social distancing is not possible, such as travel, hospitality, and businesses that require close contact with clients and associates. Every business in the present economic condition is looking to regain confidence, strengthen trust of their customers, and build their customer loyalty.

The first thing the customer sees when they enter your place of business is the face mask you and your associates wear. What does it communicate? Is it clean, well-constructed, and properly fitting, Does it model an image consistent with your company’s brand? Is it part of their uniform? Does it instill consumer trust?

A branded mask shows that you care about your customer – that you’ve thought this through and have taken extra precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus at your place of business. It demonstrates a high level of concern and care for the customer. It also communicates the level of care about your brand and creates consumer trust.

As businesses began to reopen, I had the opportunity to visit and work with resorts and restaurants to help them move safely toward reopening their doors to patrons and welcoming guests to their properties. Seeing the amount of care these companies invested into safety-first practices made me as a client feel safe and at ease while visiting these establishments.

A branded mask communicates that the organization takes pride in its brand and its associates, cares about its patrons, and takes their safety and well-being of their associates seriously. This further builds consumer trust.

A branded mask is a clear visual symbol that at your place of business everyone’s health and well-being matters, which in turn builds consumer confidence, the foundation of customer trust, and thus leads to brand loyalty. This may be the most effective way to strengthen your brand, your brands position in the marketplace, and its leadership in the industry.

Your customers will reward your investment with return visits.

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