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Couture Services

Executive Couture Services
In recent years an increasing number of women have become business, political, and social leaders. However, while personal wardrobe services are readily available for men, women’s personal wardrobe services lack availability, quality, and creativity.
Ella works with brides to bring their vision of the perfect gown to life. The process is an experience that you will treasure forever from the design process to fittings, alterations, and finally achieving the couture bridal gown that captures who you are and what you envision for your special day. Bridal clients enjoy a stress-free, memorable experience that they will treasure forever.
Special Occasion
Custom. Beautiful fit. One of a kind. Couturier Ella Pritsker and her staff will work with you to create an extraordinary wardrobe for your special occasion. Ella has created beautiful, classic formal attire for private clients including: prominent and professional women throughout the United States.
Quotes & Testimonials

What they’re saying

“Ella knows that every curve and contour of the body must be carefully attended to. Each garment she creates tells an exclusive story about the one who graces it. Her ensembles seem to foretell the glamour of a special moment to come. As her client, I am assured that every request will result in a timeless piece, made with the finest fabrics and Ella’s obvious passion for excellence. Ella Designs successfully caters to all genders and generations, bringing ideas to life while capturing unique personalities. I am thoroughly enjoying my tailored journey with Ella, and plan to experience her talented services for many years to come.”


Cassandra C. Harley
First Lady of Healthy Choice Ministries International
Baltimore, Maryland