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ELLAvate your Lifestyle: Quality over Quantity

ELLAvate your Lifestyle: Quality over Quantity

Three words keep emerging in our conversations this summer. Quality over Quantity.

It’s a key part of why we launched our Executive Collection, enabling our clients to build standout wardrobes from a few custom pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways year round.  Instead of reinventing ourselves each year, it’s far easier and cost effective to choose pieces that will last for decades and add in a handful of new styles here and there.

This midi dress, with a subtle floral pattern, can hold court on its own or get paired with a trench or blazer. The coordinating trench will pull double duty when worn with trousers or even a dressier pair of jeans.















The same quality over quantity approach adds calm over chaos in every area of our lives.





Far too often we push ourselves to frantically squeeze in too many meetings during the work day and stretch to do the same on the weekends with friends, fill our closets with clothes we don’t need and rarely wear, and fall into the trap of over preparing food when guests come.











There is a limit to what you can add to all of life’s piles before a crash.













We would love to hear from you – our inspiring community of entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, volunteers,  moms, grandmas (and often a combination of the above) on what you do to add quality to your life and curb quantity. We may feature your comments in an upcoming post.  Send us an email at ella@ellapritsker.com

Have a beautiful, ELLAvated day!