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“ELLAvate” your Look with Statement Gemstone Jewelry

“ELLAvate” your Look with Statement Gemstone Jewelry

When my clients emerge for the first time from the dressing room in their one-of-a-kind Ella Pritsker Couture designs, they often ask me how to pair their new clothing with the right jewelry.  Diane Von Furstenberg puts it best… so long as the jewelry is sprinkled on, like spice, and not overdone.


I turned to my talented friend and colleague, Shibani Shinde Patil, who designs stunning gemstone pieces, for advice for all of us on how to use jewelry to ELLAvate our look.  She is seen here wearing Ella Pritsker Couture.



Shibani’s Ri Noor designs were recently featured in the UK editions of Vogue and ELLE magazines. The two of us are teaming up to do a joint trunk show in South Florida in January.



Shibani’s handcrafted designs feature uniquely cut vibrant gemstones. Her work is timeless and modern at once. Here are a few of her favorite creations.


Courtesy: Ri Noor Jewelry

Here, I’m wearing a pair of Ri Noor moonstone and diamond earrings. They are also featured above. I love how they catch the light and can be paired with any outfit.  The look is neutral and bold.  “It’s subtle because of the color scheme and the stones, and you can see how dramatic they are with this outfit,” describes Shibani.


Shibani says the neutral hues create a chic casual look with a tee, blazer and jeans,  a standout business look and can also accompany you to a formal event. She adds that women often only take out their fine jewelry a couple times a year for a dressier event.  “For me, jewelry should be worn. Fine jewelry, if you have it, it should be worn all of the time.”

Shibani is a fan of a sizable cocktail ring. She saves the drama for one key piece and other accessories play a supporting role.


Shibani’s designs can often be traced back to a sight that inspired her, such as a flower.

She encourages women to expand their view of neutrals when building a jewelry collection and points out that sapphires and emeralds also play the role of neutrals, in that they can be paired with many hues.  And, don’t write off broaches as out of style. They are vintage and making a comeback! Pins offer flexibility and can become hair pieces, a sweater topper or used to accessorize a coat.

See more of Shibani’s fabulous pieces here.