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ELLAvate your Style: Meet Shop Your Closet

ELLAvate your Style: Meet Shop Your Closet

It’s an equation that doesn’t add up. A packed closet. Full drawers. A big event. And, nothing to wear! We’ve all been there.

You can quickly ELLAvate your wardrobe without racing out to the mall or hunting online.

Our stylish friend and client, Carol Ellis Thompson, founded  Shop Your Closet  to help women whittle through their wardrobes and pair pieces in new and unexpected ways. This Washington based stylist entered the fashion industry after serving as a U.S. diplomat and curating her own wardrobe as her posts took her to the Middle East, Europe, East and South Asia.






We are excited to report that Carol’s wardrobe also includes several Ella Pritsker pieces, including one of our favorites coats, featuring reverse applique, inspired by Fabergé egg designs.








We asked Carol to share a few tips on curating a wardrobe.

#1 Choose Quality over Quantity

Carol is a big believer in building a wardrobe from quality pieces that outlive the fast paced trends.  We couldn’t agree more. See our recent post on Quality over Quantity.  It’s a philosophy that Carol credits to her late mother, Patricia. Patricia, who was on a tight budget, would purchase one or two standout, well-made outfits a year. To this day, Carol continue to wear some of them, including this head-turner that her mom nicknamed “The firecracker.”









#2 Accessorize 

One timeless blazer will take you from day to night and weekday to weekend if you swap in and out different accessories. Instead of drawers full of necklaces and scarfs, Carol invests in a few quality accessories that she keeps in rotation from one decade to the next. The blazer she is wearing below pairs equally well with a tee shirt, jeans and ballet flats as with trousers and pumps.




#3 Know your Body Type  and Colors 

Instead of setting your sights on finding a dress like the one you saw in a magazine ad, on your best friend, or on the woman sitting near you at a gala, look for pieces that flatter your figure and make you feel confident.  If you’ve recently gained or lost weight, you may be dressing for a body type you no longer have and will instantly feel better in your clothing by making a few tweaks. The same goes for color.  If bright yellow washes you out, then add it to the mix as an accent accessory or shoe instead of as the main attraction.

Carol works with clients in the greater DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region.   Along with offering closet review sessions, she also takes her clients shopping or shops for them. Carol is certified by Color Me Beautiful, which identifies individuals as one of four “seasons” according to each person’s coloring.  She will analyze your best colors, tell you what makeup and clothes colors look best on you and also teach you to apply makeup.

Carol is offering a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to our readers.  You can reach her at 202.494.7812 or carol@shopyourcloset.us.com. 

Visit Shop Your Closet to learn more about scheduling a consultation with Carol.