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Executive Summer Wear: For the Professional Career Driven Woman

Executive Summer Wear: For the Professional Career Driven Woman

We’re with you. It can be daunting to find a look to keep you cool at the office as the temps climb and when humidity is a constant accessory. Summer is a difficult and unpredictable season when deciding what to wear.  Add in the need to look office appropriate at the same time, and the challenge of what to wear grows.

As a business professional, you want to look smart, stylish and sophisticated.   A lot of the summer pieces you’ll find online and on the racks may meet some of those requirements but may not be office appropriate. Here are a few looks that are business professional and stunning, fashion statement pieces.






It is of utmost importance that your fabric is not too thick; this will cause discomfort and it is highly important that you are as comfortable as can be while on the clock. Ideal summer work wardrobes include pencil skirts, thin blouses and pant suits that are made from a thinner material.







Ella is here to create a wardrobe for you (or a single piece) that meets your needs, taste and will make you feel your best. Don’t let the summer weather keep you from feeling refreshed, chic and beautiful.