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#FashionFriday ~ Parisian Edition

#FashionFriday ~ Parisian Edition

Here at EPC we love it when our clients give us feedback! We’re celebrating this #FashionFriday with a very special client shoutout and some trendy tips straight from Paris, France…



This is our lovely client Mrs. Barbara Bozzuto! She is Chair of the Board of the Baltimore Symphony orchestra and a recognized community leader in the Greater Baltimore Area. Here she is in an absolutely stunning original Ella Pritsker Couture suit at a wedding in France with her granddaughters. Fabulous! Mrs. Bozzuto was also kind enough to pass along some fashion trends that she noticed while in Paris and we’re going to share them with you!


3D decorations like these are all over the Parisian streets right now! Meanwhile, here at Ella Pritsker Couture, we’ve been on trend for quite some time… 😉



Dresses! Dresses are a cute and feminine way to stay cool and chic during the hot summer months.


Sequins/crystals! Here at EPC we love anything and everything sparkly, so we’d love to see this trend get bigger over here in the U.S.! Apparently sequined t-shirts are a thing right now in France? Need!

A special thank-you to Mrs. Barbara Bozzuto for sharing this with us, and thank you for tuning in!

Unitl Next Time,