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Going Green With Custom Couture

Going Green With Custom Couture

42 years ago, Earth day was established to create awareness and appreciation for our planet. Earth month is celebrated in April and is the perfect time to reflect on how to protect our planet. Want to help, but don’t really know how? Keep reading and you’ll see what you can do to make a big difference…

Today’s Clothing Waste Crisis

If you took a close look at your wardrobe, how many pieces would you estimate have been in there for more than a year? How about two years? Or more? If you’re like most women, the number is probably pretty low.  A recent survey of 2000 women in the UK revealed they wore an article of clothing only seven times before saying farewell to something that was once “must have”. Even more shocking is women surveyed said they considered something “old” after wearing it just three times. 


There are lots of reasons why. The piece was bought for an occasion that was one-time-only, they were invited to a last-minute event, they see another woman wearing the outfit, the style was only trendy for a blink, or the fear of being tagged on Facebook in the same outfit twice (GASP!) results in clothes being put in the trash or donation bin. But all of this “fast fashion” is becoming a problem.


All told, about 80 billion pieces of clothing are purchased worldwide each year, up 400% from two decades ago. It’s easy to see why. Clothing has never been more affordable, plentiful, consumable or of such huge variety than it is today. We also have much greater access to new designs, looks, trends and styles through online media and social channels. 

The Waste is Adding Up… and Not Going Away

In the last 20 years, the amount of clothing we throw out has doubled from seven million to 14 million pounds a year, or roughly 80 pounds per person! And because much of that clothing is made from synthetic fibers or treated with poisonous chemicals, burning it can release toxic fumes. If put in a landfill, it can either take 1,000 years to biodegrade or possibly leach chemicals into the groundwater. 


It is also a huge waste of money. For instance, New York City spends $20 million a year shipping unwanted clothing to landfills and incinerators. Not to mention the costs of continually buying new clothing to maintain an updated wardrobe. 

Custom Design is the Answer


Because of the craftsmanship, custom-made pieces like those made by Ella Pritsker Couture last significantly longer than anything off the rack, no matter the price tag or brand.  The attention to detail and painstakingly skilled craftsmanship keeps clothing from breaking down or looking weathered as time passes. Custom designs mean the owner will never see another person wearing the same design, no matter how long it remains in their closet.


And since Ella’s designs are created to be timeless and stay in style for decades, something created today will very likely still be fashionable decades from now, whereas most clothing bought in stores relies heavily on hot trends or seasonal colors that quickly go out of fashion. And because custom designers use only select fabrics, you won’t find the harsh chemicals found in many mass-produced brands.


Another common reason women throw out clothing? Weight. Gaining or losing just a few pounds can severely alter how a piece of clothing fits. But even designer pieces are not built to be tailored.  Custom pieces, on the other hand, can be easily adjusted to help the owner accommodate any fluctuating weight. 


Custom Couture isn’t just about us looking stunning, it’s about keeping the Earth beautiful as well. Give us a call or send an email to see how Ella Pritsker Couture can revolutionize how you look at your wardrobe and in turn, help make the planet a little cleaner.