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Happy Sewing Machine Day!

Happy Sewing Machine Day!

Few inventions have improved humanity so much while simultaneously being underappreciated like the humble sewing machine. But when you take a moment to consider how it changed the world, this noble device deserves our attention. It’s why we’re happy to celebrate National Sewing Machine Day on June 13th.

Frenchman Barthelemy Thimonnier invented the sewing machine in 1830 and was granted a patent by the French government. He used a barbed needle for his machine built almost entirely of wood. It is said that he originally designed the machine to do embroidery, but then saw its potential as a sewing machine. Since then, it has become one of the most iconic symbols of the Industrial Revolution, representing the transition from traditional handmade goods to automated production.

It goes without saying the process of making clothes was reinvented and how we produce clothing has never been the same since. Sewing great deals of fabric by hand is difficult and incredibly time-consuming. And all of that time and attention to detail also leads to increased costs. The sewing machine not only made clothing more affordable but allowed for much greater creativity on the part of the designer. Like almost all technology, the sewing machine has evolved to meet the needs of personal requirement. This was the start of a wonderful journey into the magical, creative, constantly changing the world of fashion.



Walter Hunt invented the first American lockstitch sewing machine in 1832


The first person to create an effective and efficient machine suitable and affordable for household use was Isaac Merritt Singer. His mass production techniques were a huge step forward as was his idea of buying on credit and paying back with easy installments. As a result, he took the market by storm, dominated the industry and became a household name to this day. Singer was able to improve the machines earliest designs, recognize their flaws and turn it into something that seamstresses, tailors and housewives could easily use and acquire. His company soon held markets all over the world and shortly after, was the world’s largest producer of sewing machines.





Clothes are statement pieces that express who we are as individuals. They’re designed for us to feel powerful, comfortable and confident. The invention and proliferation of the simple sewing machine has allowed all of us to wear the clothes that let us be who we are and for that, we say “thank you”.

Sewing Machine Day celebrates the creation of this amazing device and all the men and women who have worked diligently over the years to produce the next best sewing machine. To celebrate, we’re inviting you to the Maryland Center of Fashion Design, created by couture designer Ella Pritsker. And if you’ve never so much as picked up a needle and thread, not to worry. Classes are available for every ability level.  Our next class will take place on Wednesday, July 12th.
Spots are filling up quickly so register today! And if you can’t make the next one, check out our website for the complete calendar.