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Internship Experience: JoEllen Laun

Internship Experience: JoEllen Laun

Interning with Ella Pritsker Couture in Timonium, MD, is such a wonderful experience. I started interning here a few weeks ago and have already learned so much.

Assisting with the online aspect of the company has been a large part of this internship. Writing the blog posts is something I have loved doing because I hope to incorporate writing into my professional life when I graduate from school. I have already written blogs about traveling, fashion designers, how couture has evolved over the years, etc. Once I write the blog articles, I attach any links and photos I might have, upload them onto the company’s and save the draft. I save the post under a specific time and date and the post will go live at that given time and date.

I have done social media work by going on Ella’s Instagram and Facebook page, updating her feed and responding to comments. Updating the Instagram page has also helped me to discover new ideas and ways of representing Ella’s work through social media. It is important that what you post catches the viewer’s attention, so the visual aspect of the company is very important. I love being able to come up with ideas and share them with Ella.

Aside from social media, I help Ella with some things she needs assistance with around the studio. I have organized Ella’s design sketches into categories for clients, for example, suites, blouses, skirts, jackets etc. I also help to cut fabrics and organize them based on color, pattern, and material. I love doing this because I get to see all the different materials and fabrics Ella uses.

As an intern, I have gained experience that will help to further my passion within the fashion industry.

– JoEllen Laun




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