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Let’s Celebrate Mom!

Let’s Celebrate Mom!

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14th!) is an international holiday that celebrates the bond of affection between a mother and her child. While each culture may have unique traditions, it’s the one day of the year where mothers across the globe receive a much needed round of applause.





We understand how hard it is to be a mom. Whether doing it full time or balancing it with a career, it’s appropriately described as the toughest job anyone could ever love. With moms being pulled in so many directions, there isn’t much time to think about anything, let alone deciding what to wear every day.

But getting dressed in the mornings should be fun and easy, not stressful! So as a special Mother’s Day gift, we’re offering a few helpful tips on how to style one piece of clothing, multiple ways. Whether your work attire is business professional or you’re attending an evening bash, these pointers will keep you looking and feeling good without taking up too much time.


Copper Ruffle Collar Jacket

Look 1:





Every woman should own a power suit and the cornerstone is the jacket. One perfect example is our copper ruffle collar jacket and matching wide leg pant- the perfect combination for any executive woman. The versatility of a suit allows its pieces to be paired with other items in your closet. The jacket can be worn with a skirt or even jeans, depending on the occasion.





Where this can be worn: to the office

Look 2:



Here, we paired the copper jacket with a simple circle skirt. This look is very easy to put on, yet very clean and chic. Any top or shoe can be worn to bring the look together. Brown is a great neutral color that looks great with almost any shade- especially earth tones.



Where this can be worn: on a dinner date

Look 3:



This last look is perfect for a special occasion. The floor length skirt pairs well with the short jacket, which helps to elongate your frame. We added the beaded belt for some much needed detail to spice up this evening ensemble. Remember, adding an accessory is a great way to take a look from one level to the next with minimal effort.



Where this can be worn: a Gala, dinner date or formal event


If you didn’t notice, all of these looks are the same color scheme. We did that to illustrate another key point: choosing one dominant color that looks great with your skin tone makes it much easier to coordinate the pieces in your wardrobe. This saves time and energy when trying to create an outfit, regardless of the occasion.


Take a look at how we recreated a few new looks using this Copper Ruffle Jacket on FOX 45 for Makeover Monday!



To celebrate mom, we have the perfect gift idea that will make her life a little easier. Our team at Ella Pritsker Couture can easily take away her wardrobe woes. We’re proud to introduce our new Executive Couture Packages that will make her day run much smoother and create a look that is strong and powerful.







Give your Mother the gift of an easy, Ella Pritsker morning with an option from one of our Executive Couture packages or a gift certificate.

Custom Couture Packages


How can Ella be of service to you? Give us a call and find out how we can design a wardrobe as timeless and unique as you are.


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