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Make your Wedding Dress a Reality

Make your Wedding Dress a Reality

For most brides-to-be, the perfect wedding gown is the most important item on a long list of priorities. It can also be the most difficult. Considering this is likely to be the most significant fashion choice of a woman’s life, it needs to fill LOTS of checkmarks. Does it fit correctly? Does it have the right accents? Does it bring the right combination of trends and styles all together in one piece? But the problem many ladies run into is actually finding a dress that is exactly what the bride had in mind. It’s not uncommon for a bride to look at three or four different dresses and wish they could be spliced together for the ultimate design.


Which is why a custom gown is a perfect solution!





Custom-made wedding gowns are the ideal choice for brides having trouble matching the dazzling dress they have in mind with the reality of what they find on the rack. At Ella Pritsker Couture, we listen to your wants and needs and create the gown of your dreams, going through a multi-step process to ensure that what you’ve always wanted is what you’ll actually wear down the aisle.





There are other major advantages of a custom gown. They generally weigh less than one that’s off the rack and are more comfortable in terms of the fiber content. Because of the superior quality of couture design, they’re more adaptable to size changes. And if you have a destination wedding in mind, they’re perfect for long distance travel.




So what’s the process like for a custom gown? When we sit down with a future bride, our first question is “Why would you like a custom dress?” The answer is usually the same: I can’t find what I want in-store and nothing is fitting properly. With a custom design, you get a perfect fit, courtesy of 38 individual measurements- and that’s just for the initial meeting! Even after the dress is complete, custom garments allow for any weight fluctuations (something ALL brides can relate to!) so taking it in or out is never an issue.




In terms of design, we spend as much time as needed talking about the look the client has in mind, reviewing sketches and photos of other dresses and getting a feel for the bride’s preferences. It’s very important for us to share a clear vision of what they want so there is NEVER a miscommunication. We look at dozens of sample fabrics as well, giving the client complete control over what the dress will look like on the big day.



Then, similar to the custom garment experience, a picture of the gown is sketched for the client for her review and approval. Then the muslin prototype is created and the client is called in for the first fitting to confirm the perfect fit. The design is then created using the actual fabric chosen for the gown.




After that, the client arrives at our studio for the unveiling and the final fitting. If necessary, the gown is tailored to account for any changes right up until the wedding day! After all, we want to make sure every bride walks down the aisle feeling beautiful in the gown of her dreams.




And don’t forget- for the mothers of the bride and groom, Ella Pritsker Couture can design something equally gorgeous!





So how can Ella Pritsker Couture design the gown of YOUR dreams? We would love to see you for an appointment. Email us today at ella@ellapritsker.com or give us a call at 410-560-3910.