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Self Care Sunday 5

Self Care Sunday 5

Hello and welcome back to our blog! We’re so happy that you could join us for another #SelfCareSunday. Today’s tip is:



Last Sunday we enjoyed our solitude, but this Sunday we’re spending time with people we love. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy our #SocialSunday:


Sunday Dinner: Invite your friends and family over for Sunday dinner and bask in the love, laughter, and stories!

Painting Class: Painting classes are more popular than ever right now! Sit back, relax, and allow the creativity and conversation to flow as you create a masterpiece.

Giving Back: Community service is a great way to feel productive and to feel closer to your own community. There are so many options available, from reading to children at the library to volunteering in a hospital. We love the warm, fuzzy feeling we get from helping others!

Game Night: Bring out your competitive spirit and break out the board games! People of all ages can enjoy this old fashioned fun.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of #SelfCareSunday! Don’t forget to join us again next week to chase away those Sunday Scaries and go into your week with a positive mindset.

Until next time,