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Self Care Sunday 6

Self Care Sunday 6

Hello and welcome back to our blog! We’re so glad that you could join us for another edition of #SelfCareSunday. This Sunday, we’re getting a little bit more…physical. That’s right, today’s #SelfCareSunday tip is:





Being active is a great way to not only improve your cardiovascular health, but it also gives a great sense of general well-being. The endorphins that we release after a nice work out are the same feel-good vibes we get from say, eating chocolate (although much nicer to our waistlines). Here are some of the EPC Team’s favorite ways to stay active:


Yoga: This one is a favorite of almost every team member, but especially Ella Pritsker! She has been known to take outdoor yoga classes early in the mornings on weekends (while the rest of the team sleeps, lol). Yoga is a fantastic way to not only feel more in tune with yourself, but also the world around you. Bonus: It also really helps increase your flexibility!


Soccer: A pickup game of soccer in the park with friends is a perfect combination of last week’s #SocialSunday and this week’s #SportySunday! Play around, score a few goals, and enjoy a nice picnic afterward. Just don’t get too competitive!


Golf: Golfing is a much more relaxing sport alternative to soccer, and can easily be made into a family activity! Mini golf is just as much fun as the real thing, and just about anyone can play.


Hiking: It might not seem like it, but walking is yet another excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health and get your endorphins going! The EPC Team loves hiking near Loch Raven, and in the Shenandoah Mountains! If heights and hikes aren’t your thing, a simple nature walk works, too.


Thank you for joining us for another #SelfCareSunday! We hope that these tips will give you lots of ideas for how to manage the feelings of stress and anxiety before the work week that we call the #SundayScaries. Don’t forget to follow Ella Pritsker on social media to keep up with her latest adventures!


Until Next Time,




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