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Self Care Sunday 7

Self Care Sunday 7

Hello and welcome back to oSleur blog! We are so glad that you could join us for another edition of #SelfCareSunday. This week our tip involves hitting the snooze button…that’s right! This week’s tip is




Sleep is something that all humans need in order to thrive. Some can function on less than others, but that doesn’t really mean that you should! You’d be amazed at how much the amount of sleep you’re getting ties into your physical, mental, and emotional health. A chronic lack of sleep can leave you more vulnerable to getting sick, and can have you feeling like you’re in a daze. Never fear! Here are some ways to ensure you’re getting some good Z’s:


1.) Taking a bath the night before. There are all sorts of bath milks, bath bombs, and bath salts that have calming ingredients like lavender to help soothe you and prepare you for a good night’s rest.


2.) Having some tea. This one is so simple, but so good! Before you crawl under the covers, make yourself a nice cup of Chamomile or Sleepy Time tea. Pro tip: Use honey instead of sugar!


3.) Take a break from your phone. Most of us are on our phones constantly. Whether we’re double-checking appointment times, “liking” our friend’s pictures and posts, or even just checking the weather; we look down at our glowing screens multiple times a day. That glow can actually disrupt our sleep! Try putting your phone down half an hour before getting into bed, and notice the difference in how you sleep.


4.) Laying out your outfit the night before. This simple act of preparation can put your mind at ease and help you feel more relaxed as you get into bed. For some of us, sleep takes a special frame of mind! Set yourself up for success and get some rest.


Thank you so much for joining us again this Sunday! We hope you can get some great sleep this week and feel refreshed and energized.


Until Next Time,