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#SelfCareSunday 3

#SelfCareSunday 3

Hello and welcome back to our blog! The goal of #SelfCareSunday is to help you chase away the #SundayScaries and get your week off to a fresh, anxiety-free start. Each week, we aim to bring different tips so you can find various things that work for you!

This week’s #SelfCareSunday tip is…


“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood.” -Unknown

We humans are social creatures, but sometimes we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and running our households that before we know it, we haven’t seen our friends in a month! This week, we urge you to set some time aside to spend with friends. Whether you go out for dinner, go for a hike, catch up over coffee, or meet up at the mall; there’s something about being with your good friends that can really refresh and recharge you.


The best part? Friendship is priceless! Here are a few of the EPC Team’s favorite (and free!) ways to spend their #SocialSunday:


Art museum: The Baltimore Museum of art is free and frequently changes up their exhibits.

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Picnics: Pack up your favorite finger foods, head to a park (or even your back yard!), lay out a blanket and relax in the sunshine while you nibble on your treats.

Home movie marathon: Pop up some popcorn and watch your favorite movies in your comfiest lounge wear.

#SpaSunday and #SocialSunday crossover: Grab some face masks, hair treatments, and nail polish; and gossip the day away while pampering yourselves at home.


Thank you again for tuning into this week’s #SelfCareSunday blog post!

Until Next Time,