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She Said She Wanted a Fairy Tale…

She Said She Wanted a Fairy Tale…

Ella Pritsker is featured in this month’s issue of Baltimore Style Magazine for her exquisite work creating a custom gown for bride Ivona Schapiro last year. The article, written by Kimberly Uslin tells of a Disney Princess-esque story that is reminiscent of Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the fairy godmother. The story also gives some insight into how large of a project creating a custom dress is; it took Ivona and Ella four consultations to decide what direction they wanted to go in! Inspired by real-life princess Kate Middleton, the two decided to go with a “close-fitting dress with a trumpet bottom, complemented by a full organza overskirt that was taken off for the reception”.



Many details during the creation of an intricate bridal gown such as Ivona’s can change at the last minute, for example Ivona thought that she was going to wear embellished Louboutin sneakers under her dress as an ode to her love of running; but eventually decided to go with heels instead (much to Ella’s delight).



With her custom dress, Ivona didn’t have to choose between lace or crystals, floral applique or satin-she had it all! She was also able to have hand-sewn flowers that matched an heirloom necklace that had belonged to the groom’s mother; a sweet and personal touch that only a couturier of Ella’s caliber could deliver.



Creating a custom wedding gown brings new meaning to the term “labor of love” but it truly is an unforgettable experience; and hearing a collective *gasp* from your wedding guests makes it all worthwhile. Every princess deserves her own fairy tale, with a custom dress to match!



The article can be found in the June 2018 issue of Baltimore Style Magazine, or you can view the pictures below.


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