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The Met Gala 2018

The Met Gala 2018

The Met Gala; the New Years of the fashion world. Every year we wait with bated breath for the theme to be announced and then we anxiously wait for our favorite celebrities and designers to show us their interpretations. This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The exhibit will be open at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 10-October 8 of this year and it is dedicated to the aesthetic influence of Catholicism on fashion. We judged everyone’s looks based on 1) if we felt they followed the theme, 2) if we felt their look was bold enough for the Met Gala red carpet, and 3) creativity.


Our favorite look of the evening was the stunning Blake Lively in custom Versace. We also absolutely adored Amal Clooney in her pant and overskirt ensemble by Richard Quinn. Third place for us came as a bit of a surprise from Jasmine Sanders wearing…H&M! Ella’s discerning couturier eye chose these three because she felt that they best embodied the theme as well as the expectations of being at the Met Gala. “They are a good interpretation and not a literal take,” she says. “I love the richness of the colors and textures of the fabrics. I love the embroidery and beading with the one of a kind embellishments; it’s perfect for this kind of fabulous event.”


The Met Gala is a huge and iconic fashion event! To be invited is a great honor. It is unlike any other red carpet, and it is always so disappointing when people choose not to follow the theme. There is a theme for a reason; and the theme is almost the entire point of the evening.


We want to see creativity, we want to see that the celebrities, stylists and designers are capable of taking certain parameters and then thinking outside the box. There is nothing fun or iconic about a literal interpretation; it feels lazy.We want to see the works of art that the rest of us can’t wear! Now that another fashion year is upon us, we eagerly look forward to the trends we are going to be seeing on this year’s red carpet as well as in our own studio! Happy Fashion New Year!