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Wearable Medicine: Spotlight on Dr. Soraya Bate

Wearable Medicine: Spotlight on Dr. Soraya Bate

We’re launching a new series on our blog to introduce you to the women who wear our couture. We often share the styles we create but have never revealed something else that becomes part of the fabric of the fashions – the story of how our custom clothing shapes the reflection of how our clients see themselves.  



Dr. Soraya Bate evokes old world glamour in this festive gown. The fitted bodice is French Guipure lace, and the emerald skirt is done in silk taffeta.  


Here, the look gets topped with a French boucle coat, with bell sleeves and is finished with Swarovski crystal detailing.




We met Soraya after she moved to Baltimore temporarily from the U.K., with her husband and teenage daughter in 2015, and put her career on hold as a general family practitioner. She recently moved back to the U.K. with an enhanced style and plans to return to medicine. 


While in Baltimore, Soraya sought out Ella for sewing lessons and fell in love with her work. “There was an immediate connection when I met Ella. She struck me as a creative lady who could empower women like myself through her design skills.” The two worked on designing some pieces together, and Ella finished them off.  “I believe, in life you have mentors along your journey. Ella has become that for me.”  


“She creates confidence for women at a time in life when most of us are going through many changes and challenges. She is a healer. She is a great confidence booster for women of my age.  It’s a real gift.” Soraya calls the gift “wearable medicine.”  

“I’m quite capable of now going to work in a Chanel type dress and can express who I want to be in my daily life. I’m giving people more of an impression of who I am.”


“I feel like a new woman,” describes Soraya, of her style. “I’m redefining my view of who I am as a doctor and a human being. I now see the two are intertwined.”


“The positivity that has grown out of my connection with Ella is something that I will share with my patients and colleagues in the future.”

Special thanks to Soraya for sharing her story.

Written by: Rebecca Klein