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Wedding Wednesday – Mother & Daughter Edition

Wedding Wednesday – Mother & Daughter Edition

Hello there and welcome back to the EPC Blog! We’re so glad that you decided to join us for another edition of Wedding Wednesday. This week, we have something extra special; please read on to find out!


Your wedding is a very special day, and The Dress is without a doubt one of the most important components. However, after the last song has been played, the last bit of champagne has been sipped, and the last guest has left; The Dress is often stored away and not touched for months or even years. Save for the occasional try-on, or should the bride’s daughter decide to reuse it years later; most wedding dresses don’t serve much purpose after the wedding. Sure, they are beautiful and hold memories of that special day; but what if there was a way to preserve the memory in an even more meaningful way than in a box…?


Ella Pritsker was able to transform one woman’s wedding gown into a beautiful christening gown for her daughter. We think it’s so beautiful that this little girl was dedicated in front of her family wearing the same material that her parents united their love in. The love story comes full circle! One of our favorite things is creating beautiful, lasting memories with our clients. Being part of our clients’ journeys, triumphs, and celebrations is one of the best parts of what we do here at EPC! Oh, and did we mention that the wedding gown is still intact? Yes, that’s right! Ella Pritsker crafted the christening gown using silk and then used buttons and lace from the bottom of the dress. The client can always add fabric back, and the integrity of her wedding gown wasn’t compromised!



Got inspo? Please enjoy some fabulous pictures of this stunning transformation by Ella Pritsker, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to convert your wedding dress too!




BEFORE: We took this lovely wedding gown and transformed it…



AFTER: Wow! What an adorable christening gown! *heart eyes*



AFTER: Ella Pritsker never skips out on the details! What a gorgeous memento for both mother and baby to cherish together


img_3340  img_3341

This is one of our favorite projects we’ve ever done! Special thanks to Joyce Tiger for trusting us with her dress and lots of love to the little one!


Until Next Time,