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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday

One of our very own seamstress’, Meredith Jones decided to jump the broom back in September and with the help of the Ella Pritsker Couture team, she was able to design and create her own wedding dress in it’s entirety!

Of course, we had to ask her about her experience and why she decided to take matters into her own hands.



How did you and your husband, Tanner meet?

Meredith: “We met at Messiah College as freshmen through mutual friends”.


What made you want to take on the task of designing your own wedding dress?

Meredith: “I knew that with the help of Ella, I would be able to create my dream dress with endless options”.


What was the inspiration behind the style of your custom made wedding dress?

Meredith: “I was going for something very feminine, whimsical and princess-like. Ella mentioned that it reminded her of Grace Kelly”.


What part was the most time consuming when creating your dress?

Meredith: “Putting all of the lace together was like a puzzle and then having to add in all the beads”.


Do you believe that you would have been as happy in a store bought wedding dress rather than a custom one?

Meredith: “No. I wouldn’t have been as happy in a store bought dress, but at the end of the day I was just happy to marry my best friend”.


Overall, Meredith says that she has definitely learned a lot throughout the process and knows that what she has learned will help her when designing dresses in the future.




Photos by: Kelsey Maden of Kira Nicole Photogaphy